Enrolling at EMPS

East Marden PS has a capacity management plan.  The school is capped at 756 students. To be considered for enrolment, please complete a ‘registration of interest form’ which can be downloaded from the school website. Once completed, provide the following supporting documents to the school. If vacancies are available the school will contact families.

New applications will go straight onto our Enrolment Register.  To apply for East Marden Primary School you must physically live in the school zone and supply the school with the following supporting documents:

  • Child’s Proof of Identification (Birth Certificate)
  • Proof of Address:
    RENTING – Current Rental Agreement AND Bond Receipt that covers as much of the first 12 months at the school as possible (issued by the Consumer and Business Services)
    Private lease agreements will require secondary documentation. Secondary sources of official documentation may include: a driver’s licence, a utility connection notice, electoral commission documentation, historical and current periodic leases, Centrelink or other official documentation, a letter from a landlord/agent, phone, WIFI and water rates bills.
    PURCHASED – Contract of Sale or Council Rates Notice
  • A Recent Gas / Electricity Bill
  • Visa Documentation (if applicable)
    Centrelink Card, (if applicable)

Submitting the above documents it is not an enrolment at the school, it is an application for your child to be placed on our school Enrolment Register

All applications will be assessed in accordance with the school’s Capacity Management Plan and Enrolment Policy. Zoning criteria will be strictly enforced and families who are not able to provide all of the necessary documentation to the satisfaction of the school may not be considered for enrolment. Families will only be contacted once an appropriate vacancy becomes available for your child. Unfortunately, the school is not in a position to guarantee when vacancies at the school will arise. On occasions where children are unable to attend their previous school, East Marden Primary School can assist by organising an alternate placement at a nearby government primary school for your child to attend. During this time they are still able to remain on our Enrolment Register for future consideration.

Starting School

Starting school is an exciting time for families and children as our youngest citizens take early steps on their journey through education and on to the rest of their lives.

South Australia will have the same first day of school for all children. This will be the first day of term one. Having the same first day of school means that every child is guaranteed four terms of reception before they go on to the rest of their primary schooling.

It will also mean a more stable environment for children with fewer changes to classes throughout the year.

The start date will be the first day of Term 1.

  • If your child turns five before 1 May, they will start school on the first day of term one in that year.
  • If your child turns five on or after 1 May, they will start school on the first day of term one the following year.

Further information:

Administration ph 8337 6170, email  dl.1043.admin@schools.sa.edu.au

East Marden Primary School Zone or visit Zoned Areas Page

Capacity Management Plan