Dear Families, 

Welcome to our home learning page. 

This pages contains the home learning packs teachers have designed in year level and specialist teams to support students who are now staying home from school. The packs of work are to support parents and students with continued learning throughout this period. 

East Marden Primary School is exploring an online format for continuity of learning for the future (term 2). More information will be provided to families soon. 

Attached under each year level and specialist area is: 

Parent Letter – communication for you as parents to support your understanding of what students should be doing at this time

Daily Timetable – a suggestion for families to keep a normal school routine throughout the day. This is a guide and please manage this with home responsibilities.

Planning Summary – allows parents and students to understand the topics and content which is covered in class

Choices Boards – tasks for students to complete


Please ensure you connect with your child’s class teacher via SeeSaw.

If you require assistance connecting to SeeSaw please email: 

List your name and your child’s name and class teacher.

We will endeavour to email your QR code and instructions enabling you to connect with your child’s class teacher. 

This is an important communication avenue and we urge parents to connect with us through this platform. 


Home Learning attached below. 

RECEPTION – Rm 4, Rm 5, Rm 6, Rm 10

Parent Letter Reception

Planning summary Reception

Choice board English Reception team

Reception booklet


YEAR 1 – Rm 7, Rm 8, Rm 9

Parent Letter Year 1

Planning Summary and Daily Timetable Year 1

English Choice Board Year 1

Maths Choice Board Year 1

Choice Board Other Subjects Year 1

4 Ways We Keep Clean and Healthy Throughout the Day Year 1

Significant Events Timeline Year 1


YEAR 1/2 and YEAR 2 – Rm 1, Rm 2, Rm 19, Rm 20 

Parent Letter Year 2

Planning Summary Year 2

Daily timetable Year 2

Spelling Grammar Choice Board Year 2

Writing Choice Board Year 2

Choice Boards Maths Year 2

Art and Other Activities Choice Board Year 2

CPC Health and PE Choice Board Year 2


YEAR 2/3 and YEAR 3 – Rm 21, Rm 22, Rm 17, Rm 18 

Parent Letter 2020 Year 3

Daily timetable Year 3

Choice boards MATHS Year 3

Choice boards ENGLISH Year 3

Choice boards INQUIRY and HEALTH Year 3

Choice boards GENERAL Year 3


YEAR 4 – Rm 31, Rm 32, Rm 12

Parent Letter Year 4

Planning Summary Year 4

Daily Timetable Year 4

English Choice Board Year 4

Maths Choice Board Year 4

HASS and Health Choice Board Year 4


YEAR 5 – Rm 13, Rm 14, Rm 15, Rm 16

Parent and Student Information Letter Year 5

Planning Summary Year 5

Year 5 Daily timetable

Choice board Year 5

Maths Investigation Year 5


YEAR 6 – Rm 23, Rm 24, Rm 30 

Parent Letter Year 6

Planning Summary Year 6

Daily Timetable Year 6

Choice Board Year 6


YEAR 7 – Rm 27, Rm 28

Parent Letter Year 7

Planning Summary Year 7

Daily Timetable Year 7

Spelling Grid Activities Year 7

Activity Board Year 7





Parent Letter Drama

Planning summary Drama

Choice Boards Drama R-2

Choice Boards Drama 3-4

Create Your Own Radio Play Rec

Create Your Own Radio Play 1&2

Create Your Own Radio Play 3&4

SCRIPT – Three Little Pigs



Parent Letter Music

Planning summary Music

Blowin in the Wind Lyrics

Choice boards Music 1-2

Choice Boards Music 3&4

Choice Boards Music 5-7

Music Soundscapes 1-2

Music Soundscapes 3-4

Choice Boards Music 5-7

Song Analysis 5-7


We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Script



Parent Letter PE

Planning Summary PE

Choice Boards PE

HPE Junior Primary

HPE Middle Primary

HPE Upper Primary



Rec-Year 1 sheets

Rec 7 day booklet

Choice boards – Reception

Choice boards – Year 1

Rec-Year 1 sheets

Choice boards – Year 2

Choice boards – Year 3

Moon Phase Journal

What’s in sand

The Slow moving Glacier

Surface Change independent learning

Surface Change independent learning v2

Stop that Soil!

Rock Hunt

Pangaea The Ancient Continent

Choice boards Earth and Space

Cave Maker

Beach in a Bottle

Choice boards – Year 6

Clean Water for All

Creeping Crust


Earthquake Research


Shake Detector

Slowing Erosion

Year 6 STEM Project

Choice boards year 7



Parent Letter R 1

Parent Letter 2 7

Planning Summary Italian

Choice Boards R 1

Choice Boards Italian