Cartoons in the Classroom

Teaming up online with Kennedy Phillips, a professional Sound Designer from Los Angeles, Mrs. Self learned about the wondrous world of Foley (after production sound effects) and voice acting! Some of our students may recognise the term Foley from the home schooling projects sent home during Term 2, and the students who were in school may remember the voice acting work we did during our shadow puppetry unit.

Mr. Phillips then offered our school a unique opportunity to learn about voice acting through cartoons. He had worked on the sound design for a cartoon, “The Perfect Gift” by Clinton Steele, and offered our school the Music and Effects (M&E) version of the cartoon. This version includes all the animation, music, and sound effects, before the voices are added in.  This allowed our students the opportunity to voice act and dub over a real cartoon!

Over Term 3, Mrs. Self worked with Ms. Tilbrook’s Year 1 class during Drama, learning about voice acting, dubbing, and working off a script. They then watched the cartoon and experimented with different voices for the characters, which included a shapeshifting fox and excitable robot. They then performed their lines to the M&E version on the interactive whiteboard for the class. It was an exciting challenge and the class enjoyed their experience of being real voice actors.

Mrs. Self and Mr. Phillips really enjoyed working together and plan on continuing to do so in the future!

Kennedy Phillips is a Sound Designer that works in Los Angeles. With a Master’s degree in Film Production from Chapman University and over 8 years of experience, Kennedy has honed his craft to entertain as many as he can (even if that means banging pots together). Kennedy has worked on dozens of features, shorts, and cartoons alongside DreamworksTV, The Jim Henson Company, SpindleHorse, Skybound, and has been nominated for multiple awards in sound design excellence. Kennedy also has his own audio show made for kids helping them learn about their creativity, and encourages kids to discover their inner magic.

Clinton Steele is an independent animator, voice actor, and sound engineer based in Oregon. He specialises in producing 2D cartoons and creating a wide range of cartoony voices. He strives to make cartoons that specializes in minimalism and stylization over realism as a way to push creativity and exploring what animation can do that you can’t in reality.


East Marden Primary School